Roof Repair in Emergency Conditions

Roof Repair in Emergency Conditions

Roof Repair Colorado Springs - If the weather in Colorado is beautiful and it is all totally calm, decisions are simple to make. But when the elements is horrible and the electricity is out, this really is another story entirely. This can be no time being making critical decisions. Rather, you need to implement proper plans which you thought about when everything was calm as well as the weather was nice. If your roof has been damaged due to a fallen tree, tree branch or limb, immediate action is necessary because the stability of the entire structure could be affected.

Rarely can we have tornadoes in Colorado Springs but perform have them within the surrounding regions of El Paso and Pueblo counties. In cases like this, roofs will be damaged by high winds and debris punching the roof. First thing you should ascertain is when electrical energy line is upon the roof or even in your yard. If they are, exercise Careful attention. Stay away from them and everyone away from them. The best thing to complete is call 911 and inform them to allow them to contact the correct authorities immediately. Downed power lines these are known as an emergency situation.

The majority of the emergencies we come across involved an excessive amount of snow accumulating on trees near a house which causes the tree limbs to snap. At this point you can expect to hear a major thud when it crashes to the roof. Think about do is get all members of the family and pets away from that section of the house. Dress yourself accordingly, flashlight in hand, and leave the house and appearance out. Yet again you'll check for downed power lines, same procedure as above. Don't get on a ladder and never consider getting on the top. In the ground you are likely to search for any holes within the side of the house or broken windows. Structural damage can happen when the tree which includes fallen is of considerable size. If there is no major structural damage you can use plastic and duct tape to pay holes or broken windows that are safely accessible before storm is over. It is best to do as little as is absolutely necessary before weather has passed. Keep in mind that Colorado Springs has very mild winters and also the weather usually returns to those conditions relatively fast. Roofing companies Colorado Springs

When you've got determined there are no life threatening conditions but you know a tree is lying on the top you will have to make three phone calls.

1. your neighborhood Colorado Springs roofing company

2. the local Colorado Springs tree removal company

3. your homeowner's insurance claims department